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High school paying it forward

High school paying it forward

CARROLL TOWNSHIP, York County — Across the street from Northern High School, sits something bigger than just an old building.

“You just feel it really deep in your heart and you know that you’re making a difference in peoples lives,” said Grace Smacker, Northern senior.

Behind the dark, empty, under construction halls in the Sports and Learning building.

Sits the “Polar Cares.”

“When you are here and you see people in your community, getting clothes becoming more confident in themselves, it’s an experience in something so special, that I can’t even describe to anyone,” said Smacker.

The “Polar Cares” is a donation center located on school property for any student or community members that may need a little help with the everyday essentials.

The “Polar Cares” has everything from baby clothes to hygiene products and even formal wear.

Northern got the idea from Mechanicsburg Area, where they too, hope to inspire other schools to start one.

“No one knew really where to get started. Last year we collected tons of donations and the space was not set up at all for it,” said Amber Gunning, Northern High School counselor.

Over the summer, a group of students, faculty and volunteers, took on the project and reconstructed the Sports and Learning building into the home of the “Polar Cares.”

“People just came in and put in tons of hours to get this organized,” said Gunning.

The “Polar Cares” is completely confidential.

Impacting lives, not only those being helped, but those helping others.

“Just a smile on their face. They can walk through the halls with their head up high and feel confident about walking through those halls,” said David Borrell, Northern High School Assistant Principal.

“Every generation that comes, it will make a bigger impact, and impact more lives and make them better,” said Smacker.

“Often the things that a lot of the other students take for granted, these students, just having deodorant and shampoo and having clothes that they fell confident in. It’s great to be able to help them,” said Gunning.

The “Polar Cares” is non-profit and made up of all volunteers.


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