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Trade and security lead Trump’s ambitious G20 agenda

Trade and security lead Trump’s ambitious G20 agenda

Buenos Aires (CNN)President Donald Trump, convinced that he alone can break stalemates with adversarial counterparts on trade and security, will put his theory to the test in Argentina this week. Global markets and foreign capitals are eyeing him anxiously.

The G20 summit in Buenos Aires has become a fulcrum for Trump’s high-stakes diplomatic gambles. By his own telling, positive meetings with the Chinese and Russian leaders this week could bring breakthroughs. But if the talks collapse, he’s warned of dire consequences, including a prolonged trade war that would further roil global economies.
The heightened do-or-die drama fits well into Trump’s reality show outlook on world affairs, even if it leaves other leaders uneasy. Already, the President has shown he’s willing to throw a central moment of the global gathering into question, telling The Washington Post on Tuesday that he may scrap his planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin over recent Russian aggression in Ukraine.

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