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Fourth grader receives rare award for saving a life

Fourth grader receives rare award for saving a life

Arnez Logan may only be 9 years old, but he’s already being hailed a hero. In fact his heroic deeds not only saved the life of a kindergartener, they also led to his being awarded the AAA Safety Patrol Lifesaving Medal, making him only one in four children throughout the country to receive such an accolade.

On the first week of his role as junior constable and safety patrol officer, Logan spotted a young child running out toward oncoming traffic. Reaching out to pull him back on to the sidewalk, Logan stopped a potential tragedy.

Logan had joined the safety patrol program under the instruction of Duquesne Constable Lonzo Boyce. And perhaps it is the motivating words of Constable Boyce that were ringing in the fourth grader’s ears as he helped rescue the young kindergartener, as Logan explained to “He taught me to be always on duty, always be in your surroundings.”

Logan received his award during an assembly at Duquesne Elementary School, where Constable Boyce shared with the student body how every child has the opportunity to be a hero by following his mantra: “Repeat after me – I will be determined, work hard, succeed.” Logan obviously took these words to heart, proving that not all heroes need to wear a cape, or have double digits!

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